Yikes: Chalkboard Tries To Attack Professor At German University

December 12, 2017

This is a video of a massive chalkboard suddenly plummeting like an elevator while a German professor is trying to teach. I think it may have thought it was a guillotine for a second. Thankfully, the professor's cat-like reflexes prevented him from having to learn to write with his other hand. My reflexes? My reflexes are the opposite of cat-like. Watch -- punch me in the stomach. Well, what are you waiting for -- bring it! "I already did." Haha, what?

Keep going for the whole video, although the action is right at the beginning. The rest is just the professor trying to play it off like he didn't just produce a pantload of scheiße. Also why does my stomach hurt all of a sudden?

Thanks to McAce, who's convinced the blackboard was booby-trapped by a failing student the same way an understudy might try to drop a stage light on an actor to steal their role.

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