Videos Of NASA Testing Its New Shape Memory Alloy Tires

December 8, 2017

These are several videos of NASA testing out its new shape memory alloy tires for use on future trips to distant planets that will probably never happen. The tires are constructed out of a titanium-nickel alloy, and can return to their original shape after being deformed by rolling over a rock or the leg of a jaywalking alien. This isn't a crosswalk buddy, can't you read the signs?! Whoa -- okay now, let's put the laser blaster away. Oh God, oh God, please don't kill me! *shaking head* Whew -- it was a just a daydream. "Are you okay, GW?" Why wouldn't I be? I've never been okayer. "Because you're crying." It was just so vivid.

Keep going for the the video above of a Mars simulation, a video of a tire being tested on a Jeep in the grass, and a more informative minute and a half long video.

  • Deplorable Erik Dee

    I just watched a video about space tires.

  • Mark

    I'm curious to find out how much torque they can handle. It doesn't look like much based on how easily they give and conform to irregular shapes.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Big deal, I got like a hundred of those with my Dremel.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    You looked at the gif and assumed its shape without reading or watching the video, GOOD JOB!

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Thanks! It's not always easy to stay this uninformed AND this opinionated, but if I can achieve my goal of becoming *the* median American voter, it will ALL have been worth it! Wait, I mean I don't know the difference between 'mean' and 'median'.... Crap! I mean I didn't know there were even different kinds of averages. Shit, I mean: "MERIKA!"

    ..Whew, that was close!

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