The Ol' Scooter Frontflip, Rider Backflip Scooter Jump

December 14, 2017


This is a video detailing extreme pro scooterer Ryan Williams' journey to conquer the backflip nothing front scooter flip (aka the free Willy), a ramp jump trick where the scooter completes a frontflip while Ryan does a backflip before catching the thing and landing. That's pretty impressive. Maybe not as impressive as the DOUBLE backflip nothing front scooter flip I just performed, but we can't all basically be superheroes. "You fell out of your desk chair and demanded workman's comp." We all live in our own realities.

Keep going for the video, but you can see the successful landing right at the beginning or at 8:45, which you'll want to keep your volume low for because the person filming is a screamer.

Thanks to Major Phaser, who agrees that jump should have definitely been performed through a flaming hoop and over a shark tank.

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