Smart Thinking: Taiwan Gaming Center Puts Bikini-Clad Ladies In Its Claw Machines To Attract Customers

December 27, 2017


Quick -- win her phone!

This is an entirely too long video (or not long enough depending on what your fetishes are) of the bikini-clad ladies that a new gaming center in Taiwan put in their claw machines to attract people (predominately creepers) to play. I don't think it's a permanent thing though, I think it was more of a grand opening thing. But did that stop me from trying to stuff a fiver into my laptop's CD-ROM drive to play? "I'm guessing not." All my singles either.

Keep going for the video while I complain to management those girls are taking up way too much valuable prize space in the machines. I'm here to win Pokemon plushies, not get an eye-full.

Thanks to Liam, for reminding me what an all-star I am at claw machines. Somebody should sponsor me so I can go on a world tour and make a show out of it.

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