Smart Thinking: Man Repaints Road Arrows To Make His Commute Faster

December 1, 2017


A 28-year old man in Lianyungang, China was recently fined 1,000 yuan (~$151) after officials discovered he'd repainted two road arrows in an attempt to make his commute to work faster. Personally, I would have given him a medal and a city job, but that's just me and I admire people who take initiative.

He was captured on camera on 27 September [actually November] with a can of white paint painting new arrows onto the road to redirect traffic, and told police it was the result of frustrations over the long delays on his daily bus journey to work.

"I saw that the straight lane was always packed with cars, while the lane that turns left has a lot of space," he told the police.

"I thought changing the signs would make my commute smoother."

Honestly, I think the craziest thing about this whole story is how he so nonchalantly kneels in traffic to paint these arrows. Like, what good is a faster commute tomorrow if you get hit by a bus today? The second arrow he paints in the middle of the intersection looked particularly dangerous. That said, when I finally get my own island nation off the ground, this man is definitely on my shortlist to run the department of transportation.

Keep going for a video of the vigilante commuter at work.

Thanks to speakerbox, who agrees people wouldn't have to repaint road arrows if we all had affordable jetpacks.

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