PUSH IT: Self-Destruct Button 4-Port USB Hub

December 19, 2017


This is the Self-Destruct USB 3.0 Hub available exclusively from ThinkGeek. It's a 4-port USB hub with lights and a rather weak explosion sound effect when you flip the switches and turn the key and push the red button in order. Unfortunately, it costs $60, which is a little out of my self destruct USB hub price range unless it really blows up the world, which I'm fairly certain it does not. For $60 I'd at least expect it to blow up a random city. Is that too much to ask? "It's a novelty USB hub." I remember when sixty dollars actually used to mean something.

Keep going for several more shots (including one of that same guy from the giant Magic 8-Ball post -- is that his only outfit?) and a video.



Thanks to Linby, who agrees when in doubt, push the button anyways.

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