Neato: Adding Colored Ink To Water Calligraphy

December 8, 2017

This is a video of calligrapher Seb Lester demonstrating a water calligraphy technique. Basically, you write whatever you want with water, then drip drops of colored ink into the water and watch the magic happen. Pretty neat, right? I'm thinking I'm going to have my next birthday invitations done in the same style so people know I spent a lot of money on the party and should feel guilted into bringing expensive gifts. I'd try inking them myself, but I don't have a very steady hand. As a matter of fact, I have a very unsteady hand, which is why I was discharged from the military. "No, you were caught trying to steal a tank." I could tell it was sad just wanted to crush some cars.

Keep going for the whole video (he adds purple too) as well as another example.

Thanks to Rodi, who agrees writing used to be so much more beautiful. Now it's all chicken-scratch or printed from a computer.

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