It Happens: Mailman Hits Mailbox, Falls Out Of Car, Car Plows Through Homeowner's Yard

December 15, 2017

This is some home security camera footage from Oklahoma City of a mailman who strikes a mailbox, falls out of his vehicle (possibly getting run over), then tries to chase after it and eats shit again as the truck takes out a tree in a homeowner's yard. Talk about having a bad day at work. Thankfully, the mailman was not injured. So, if you were wondering why the Christmas present I got you hasn't arrived yet, this is it. "Plus you didn't get me anything." Right, sure, but this is the MAIN reason.

Keep going for the whole video, complete with zoom and enhance at the end.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who's not convinced that mailbox and this guy's mail truck didn't team up to try to kill him.

  • bobjr94

    He can not get a ticket or be fired for not wearing a seat belt.... Exemptions: The requirement to use a safety belt system does not apply to: (1) drivers or passengers who are
    unable to wear such a belt for medical reasons and possess written attestation by a license physician; and (2) route
    carriers of the U.S. Postal Service while performing official duties. OK ST Title 47 § 12‐417(B), (C

  • I think seat belts were the least of Pat's troubles.

  • Michael Knight

    'seasonal help'
    i don't think he's gonna be kept on.

  • GeneralDisorder

    You know how congress said "we should prefund pensions for the USPS" which no organization has ever done or thought was a good idea (because it's fucking stupid)? Well, the USPS is now hiring people on as "private contractors" outside the union and firing them before they get hired on. Before a bunch of fuckheads who don't know dick about shit, postal work was a rock solid lifetime profession that was legitimately worth striving for. Now you're lucky to even get hired on full time.

  • Bro Jones

    cops probably gave him a ticket for no seatbelt

  • Jenness

    Well there goes his Christmas bonus.

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