'Here's To 2017', A Mashup Art Print Of All The Stuff That Happened This Year

December 8, 2017


Note: Much larger version HERE, but you might have to save it to see it at full-res.

This is 'Here's To 2017', a mashup art print created by Beutler Ink featuring references to a bunch of the major pop culture and news events that happened this year. Man, what a steaming turd of a year in the toilet bowl of history. And 2018 doesn't look to be shaping up to be much better. My only hope is that I miraculously managed to be good enough to get on Santa's nice list this year and he delivers the giant asteroid I asked for.

Thanks to Briana, who has a much more positive outlook and is convinced 2018 is going to be THE YEAR. God I hope you're right.

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