Guys Attach Rocket To LEGO Super Star Destroyer, Ram It Into A Wall At 67MPH

December 12, 2017


This is a video of a group of Swedish lads attaching a rocket to the back of a 1.2 meter (4-foot), 3.5kg (~8 pound), 3,152 piece LEGO Super Star Destroyer and crashing it into a wall at over 108km/h (~67MPH) to make it a Super Star Destroyee. That's certainly one way to disassemble a LEGO set in a hurry. Obviously, this is exactly what I've always wanted to do to every single LEGO brick I've ever stepped on, except at 200MPH and right into the belly of my just woken roommate. *lighting fuse* Hey Derek!

Keep going for the video, but the best two shots start at 4:15.

Thanks to Luc, who agrees they should have rammed it into one of those ballistic gel torsos instead.

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