Guy Merges Onto Highway In Middle Of Police Chase

December 1, 2017


This is a video from a motorist who merged onto the highway right into the middle of a low-speed chase in Denton, Texas. In his own words while I order an Uber to happy hour. You should meet me there and pay for all my drinks. I'm being serious, I'm a great date. "Do you put out?" Fires? No, I start them.

"I entered the highway not realizing I was getting on in the middle of a high speed chase. I was surrounded my cops and highway patrol. I had no where I could go, so I had to continue driving until the chase came to an end."

The guy calls it a high-speed chase, but it's very clearly a low-speed chase, at 26MPH. Personally, I would have gotten off at the first possible exit and stopped for a cheeseburger, but that's just me and I love cheeseburgers and not being surrounded by a million cops.

Keep going for the perfect example of why you should actually look before merging onto a highway.

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