First Trailer For Batman Ninja, An Anime Movie Where Batman & Characters Are All Transported To Feudal Japan

December 1, 2017


This is a trailer and 'first look' at the upcoming 2018 Batman Ninja, an animated movie in which Batman and other Gotham characters have all been transported to do battle in feudal Japan. It has a bunch of big-time anime names attached to it, and looks really promising. I'm optimistic, I just don't want to get my hopes up too high like I did for 2004's Catwoman.

Keep going for the trailer.

Thanks to n0nentity and Sarah S, for inspiring me to dress like a ninja all weekend (don't worry, my sword and throwing stars are cardboard).

  • The_Wretched

    that looks...surprisingly good.

  • disqus_c3ItWqyNqm


  • I love what we see of the Robins and I'm glad this showed multiple trailers. I'd been thinking that I don't get why they picked Joker for the Rogue when it seems like there would be much better choices for a fighting villain in this setting. Seeing that they brought other Rogues in makes this look a lot more interesting.

  • Hazakabammer

    robins gay dude, that makes u gay for likin him fgt

  • Which Robin are you talking about? Why do you think he's gay? Are you aware that I'm a woman? Did you put any thought into this comment?

  • Wiley

    Batman is the man, and I'm all about good anime. The problem is I just finished playing Nioh... great game. so this concept isn't fresh to me and would already be kinda silly. Reserving judgement, but not dying to see this.

  • bluecheesedressing

    Worst. . . batmobile. . .ever!

  • Hazakabammer

    My word, what an eloquently put together article, such divine inspiration for a comment must have come from God himself, you have proven to me that God does indeed exist and that I must now devote my life to him by building wells in Africa and cleaning sick people's feet at church. I will one day spread the gospel to Japan, where those hentai heathens are in dire need of the Lord's word. Also I'm a girl and sometimes I finger myself to pictures of Alec Baldwin before he got fat and old, he was a stud right, haha. Anyway, I'm on my period and I've got about three more days of profuse leakage to deal with. #trump2020 race war now big love signing off o7 b00bs ( . ) ( . ) p.s. I lied

  • Meh

    That's cool. Even better they DIDN'T dub it. Fucking ruins any decent japanese production.

  • JJtoob

    It will be dubbed eventually, just hope it's good.

  • Can't really take you seriously when you say all dubs are bad. You're trying to sound like some hardcore anime fan but you just sound ignorant.

  • david

    Subs are clearly super to dubs, but only because they usually hire people with the voice acting range of chimpanzees to do the English dubs. A good English dub is just as enjoyable as a subbed movie or show, and it allows you to focus better on the visuals. It's rare but it can happen.

    Also, anime are definitely cartoons. That shouldn't even be open for debate.

  • Wilf Smith

    Have to say I agree about dubs - I cringe when I have to watch a dubbed version. It's not about being hardcore or some hip stance, in my experience you get to hear a different range of emotion in subs, the culture is different enough to a western standard that some things are lost in translation. The emotion and emphasis is different. It's not just about understanding the language - after you've watched a good deal of them you begin to pick up words and the common reaction to things and it makes a big difference. When I watch a dubbed version it comes across as a slightly weird westernised version in places, when I watched a subbed version you just get the original emotional intent. Honestly the difference in emotional feel in something like Cowboy Bebop is quite something. This is not unexpected. Even languages in similar groupings have things that get lost in translation - the difference between the Japanese *mindset* and a western one is greater and it helps a good deal to have the original voice track to emphasise the original emotional intent.

    Just my experience.

    Telling someone they're ignorant because they have a strong dislike for dubbed stuff - eh, people in glass houses eh ? Live and let live ? Or just tell them they're ignorant. MostlyPonies has dictated the universal wisdom on a matter of aesthetic opinion. Ironic.

  • Saying I don't like modern art is an aesthetic opinion. Saying all modern art is shit, isn't. You're telling me to live and let live while defending the guy who calls all dubs shit? How's that for irony.

  • Wilf Smith

    Weak. I get you're struggling to justify yourself here. You are dealing in semantics. OP strongly dislikes dubs, expresses this as ruins productions. Or if you like "is shit". All modern art is shit is an opinion. You yourself make the same kind of distinctions when you say "Unless you understand japanese, its original glory is just you reading subtitles." Stated as unassailable fact. But I get it, it's *your* opinion. My experience does not correlate with your statement.

    You tell OP they are ignorant for holding an opinion about what is effectively art. How each person appreciates art is very individual. It's ok to not like an entire art form. Like dubs. Or modern art. You don't agree ? Ok. But you're not the aesthetic group think police.

    A lot of what you say is presented as absolute fact, your aesthetic take is the right way. How dare someone dislike all dubs ! You can't see that you proclaiming someone is ignorant for having an aesthetic opinion is in itself ignorant - as is much of your tone and factual statements which basically degenerate to - oh you idiot, you can't possibly be enjoying the original voice track because you are not fluent in Japanese. Only those fluent in Japanese can possibly get enjoyment out of it. Pfft. How arrogant is that ?!

    I'm saying live and let live. You're saying no, he's ignorant and isn't it ironic I dare to say that and in doing so defend OP. Wow.

    I am sure that none of this matters, and you will continue to go on telling people how wrong they are, and that your opinion is the only right one. And everyone that disagrees is ignorant.

  • OP saying "All dubs are shit," is an opinion because it's not a fact. Because you can't have facts regarding subjective thoughts on anime. This much, we agree on. But, as you conveniently ignore, he states his opinion as fact. So take everything you just said and apply it to him. I didn't start off every sentence with "I think/in my opinion," but neither did OP, and somehow you treat everything he said as his opinion and everything I said as fact. But a misconception on your part isn't an argument.

    Can we judge something without seeing it? Well, we can have an opinion on what we assume it's like, based on something similar we've seen, but it's not possible to have an opinion on something unknown to us, or in other words, something we are ignorant (without knowledge) of. So yes, to form an opinion on some dubs, and then apply that opinion to the rest, even though you haven't seen them, is to be ignorant.

    Did you think when I said "ignorant," I meant it as an insult and not a literal definition? Not once did you ask me to clarify anything I've said. You've based everything off what you assumed I meant. This isn't a dialogue, you're just talking to yourself, so I'll leave you to that. Carry on.

  • PlaysWithWolves

    I'm generally a "subs" guy for the emotional tone, but the lead dubs voice actress on Moribito (Cindy Robinson) is amazing.

  • Meh

    Dubs are just shitty. Just like how in Germany they dub over anything and everything. Its actually a whole lot more ignorant to be unable to see something in its original glory.

  • GrueHunter

    The weeaboo is strong with this one.

  • Unless you understand japanese, its original glory is just you reading subtitles. Sure, the words are meaningful, you can understand the tone, but the nuances of the language and voice acting are lost on you. You also remember things better if you understand the language, which is why dubs exist.

    You're missing out on some good dubs, you should give things a chance on a case by case basis instead of dismissing them.

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