CG Timelapse Of A Death Star Being Built

December 19, 2017

This is a CG timelapse created by Benjamin and Isaac Botkin of a Death Star being constructed. It looks complicated. Like, possibly even more complicated than building a LEGO set. Realistically though, how much time and money do you think it would take to build a Death Star in real life? I'm asking for a guy who wants to blow up a planet. "Earth?" Never heard of him. "No, I'm talking about you, and blowing up earth." Was it that obvious? "It's practically written on your forehead." Damn. "And it's literally written on your forehead." Haha, I actually woke up when they were drawing it and just assumed it was another penis.

Keep going for the video, obviously best watched at full-screen in high definition.

Thanks to Simon L, who agrees when in doubt, fire a couple proton torpedoes down a thermal exhaust port.

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