Capcom Releasing New Mega Man 11 To Celebrate The Franchise's 30th Anniversary

December 5, 2017


To celebrate The Blue Bomber turning 30 next year, Capcom will be releasing Mega Man 11 in late 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. The gameplay will be similar to all the old Mega Man games you used to love to hate on the original Nintendo, except with sicker graphics but pretty much the same music. Man, I already know I am going to rage-quit so hard, and so often. So, if any of you were already looking into gift ideas for my birthday next year, the answer is a whole bunch of new PS4 controllers.

Keep going for the game's first trailer, as well as a 30th anniversary celebration video with a look down memory lane.

Thanks to digthecan, who apparently really likes my can.

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