But Is Christmas Still Coming?: Parachuting Santa Plows Into A Tree, Light Pole, Breaks Leg

December 7, 2017


Come on, Santa. Of all the places to land on a beach you choose a tree?

This is a video from Gulfport, Florida of a parachuting Santa coming to deliver an Elf On The Shelf to a nine-year old girl during a charity event when Santa realizes, 'Holy shit, this isn't a sleigh!' and plows into a tree and light pole at high speed. Thankfully, Santa escaped with only a broken leg, although Christmas has been pushed back until March while he heals. Try to break it to your children gently. I'm thinking something along the lines of, "CHRISTMAS IS CANCELED, SANTA'S DEAD."

Keep going for the video, complete with evil kid laughing at the end.

Thanks to Scotty, who agrees Santa should have brought a reindeer escort.

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