Balls Of Steel: Man Stares Down Elephant Charge

December 29, 2017

This is a video of 30-years of experience safari guide Alan McSmith somehow managing to not get trampled by a charging elephant, maintaining his composure while the elephant lumbers straight at him hoping to scare him away. I made the mistake of watching the video on the projector here at work, and now I regret not going to the bathroom before. "Did you make a stinky?" What are you, a new parent? I shit my pants, yes. Now can somebody call their mom and ask her to bring me another pair? "Why don't you call your own mom?" Why the hell do you think? "Because that would be the second time this week and you're trying to convince her you're a big boy so she'll let you get a scooter?" Did she tell you that?!

Keep going for the whole video, complete with multiple charges.

  • brodyc

    Ok, the guide may have the decades of experience not to panic, but does the guy holding the camera? Dude doesn't flinch either.

  • Doog

    That guy needs to pay poker because he can bluff better than anyone.

  • Jenness

    If I were him, and I'm not because I would run screaming hysterically from that, I would bookmark this video on my phone and use it as the answer to any question someone gave me.
    How would you like your steak cooked? *shows video* Rare it is!

    Why should the bank give you this loan? *shows video* Do you think two gazillion is enough for your needs today?

    Who did you vote for? *shows video* You know, best not to get into politics right now.

    Honey, do I look fat in this dress? *does NOT show video and says "No, You're gorgeous as always" *lives to stare down another elephant*

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Does this tactic work on spiders?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Yes but so do shoes.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Dude couldn't even run away if he wanted to, with those huge bawlls of titanium dangling between his legs.

  • Javier Arreola

    What a tease

  • Bosun Higgs

    Never stare a gift elephant in the trunk.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    what a badass

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