Aquaclimb, An Over-The-Pool Climbing Wall

December 4, 2017


This is the Aquaclimb, a climbing wall designed to be installed over a pool so you don't need any safety equipment since you'll just land in the water if you fall (unless you installed it backwards). It comes in a variety of different styles and climbing configurations and I imagine it would be rather difficult to climb while barefooted and slippery. PROTIP: drain the pool for extra don't fall motivation. Unfortunately, I don't have an in-ground pool so I just installed mine over a kiddie pool in my driveway and now there's a bone sticking out of my arm, which I'm currently taking pics of to gross out my friends. It really looks just like how it does in the movies.

Keep going for several more shots of all the fun to be had while I Uber to the hospital and pretend I have insurance.





Thanks to Nathaniel, who's going to install one over a dumptruck filled with broken glass.

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