An All Electric Guitar Orchestra Performs The Imperial March

December 15, 2017


Have you heard -- there's a new Star Wars movie out. And to celebrate that, this is a one-man all-guitar orchestra performing the Imperial March (complete with super sick CG special effects). The performance contains "70 guitar tracks. 28 orchestra parts. 11 guitars. 13 shirts." You sure that's enough shirts? I mean there must be thousands of different Star Wars shirts, and you only went with 13? "Guitars cost money." And so does health insurance, but you don't see me skimping on beer to buy it. "What are you even talking about?" My insides hurt, is it happy hour yet?

Keep going for the performance.

Thanks to Tank, who once offered his services to the Rebel Alliance but they turned him down because his tank "Just wasn't futuristic enough." That had to hurt. Tell you what -- let's go crush some cars together.

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