A Shot Of The Crew Aboard The International Space Station Watching The New Star Wars

December 29, 2017


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to make an I Spy game out of it or something.

This is a shot from the International Space Station of the crew watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi while bungee corded to their theater seats, drink bags in hand. Man, that must have been one hell of a way to watch the movie. I mean, sure, you don't get the giant screen and wicked surround sound and all, BUT YOU'RE IN SPACE. That has to add an extra level of realism to the movie. Plus when someone asks what you thought of the film you can tell them you saw it in space. Then when they say that doesn't answer the question you can tell them they're not an astronaut, they wouldn't understand. Haha, man, astronauts are kinda dicks.

Thanks to Patrice, who plans on being one of the first humans to watch a movie on the moon. Save me a seat!

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