2017 Movie Trailer Mashup Featuring The Trailers Of 231 Different Films

December 5, 2017


With the year and world rapidly coming to an end, this is the 2017 Movie Trailer Mashup created by Los Angeles movie trailer editor Louis Plamondon, using 231 different trailers that came out this year (you can actually see a list of all the movies used and when they appear on Louis's tumblr HERE). I can't believe there are that many trailers in a year. I figured there were like 20 or 30 tops but that's just me and I haven't been to the movies since Avatar in 2009. 'Well, nothing is ever going to top that,' I thought to myself when I woke up and the credits were rolling. It was the nap of a lifetime and Hollywood would be foolish not to make a movie about it.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to NotThatTall, who's at least still tall enough to ride all the rides at Six Flags.

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