Imperial Dance Party: A Death Star Disco Ball

November 27, 2017


This is the Death Star Disco Ball available exclusively from ThinkGeek ($50). It measures 16-inches in diameter and, like most Death Star related products, there isn't anything particularly Death Star about it minus the spherical shape and circular superlaser. Also, how the hell are you going to make a Death Star disco ball THAT DOESN'T ACTUALLY SHOOT A GREEN LASER? Talk about dropping the product design ball. Disco balls and lasers go hand-in-hand, like two lovers taking a stroll through the park. Just not me and my lover, we don't hold hands without gloves because I have sweaty palms. "And you're afraid the paint on her latex skin will run?" NO. A little. Yes, she was very expensive.

Keep going for a shot of just the ball while I try to find your mom on Facebook.


Thanks to carey, who agrees there is absolutely no reason that thing shouldn't have a laser.

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