Your Mate, It's What's For Dinner: Video About Female Praying Mantises Eating Their Lovers

November 15, 2017


Above: Decapitated male mantis copulates with a female.

This is a short nature documentary clip from DEEP LOOK discussing why female praying mantises kill and eat their mates, sometimes decapitating them prior, at which point special nerves in the male's abdomen can still carry out copulation. Wait -- WHAT?! Mother Nature, put down the wine. In the narrators own words:

But wait, look -- he's been decapitated, but his body is still moving. Like it's on autopilot. Kind of a zombie mating machine.

"Kind of a zombie mating machine." How's that for some vivid imagery? It's like I can close my eyes and see it so crystal clear, then really wish I hadn't and swear I'll never close my eyes again and learn to sleep with open like my college freshman-year roommate.

Keep going for the video, complete with plenty of ultra-HD closeups of Zorak being eaten. Note to self: do whatever you can to not be reincarnated as a praying mantis (at least not a male).

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