Woodworker Carves A Christmas Story Lamp Of His Own Leg

November 28, 2017


This is a video of woodworker Paul Jackman of Jackman Works carving a full scale replica of his own leg in the style of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Pretty sweet, right? If I had one of my own I wouldn't even get a Christmas tree this year, I'd just put presents under my leg lamp. In his own words:

This leg is an exact full scale model of my own leg. The leg and base are made from maple butcher block scraps from previous projects. The lamp shade is welded from scrap lengths of rebar and wrapped in pleather attached using paracord that looks like Carolina's boot laces. The boot is attached using a threaded brass lamp rod through the entire leg with a nut on both ends. There are also a couple of screws into the toe of the boot/foot.

Nice work, Paul. I've always wished I was better working with wood, but apparently I scored incredibly low in the woodworking section of God's career aptitude test before being born. Truthfully, I scored incredibly low in all categories. "Yeah, you didn't score anything, you were too busy waiting in line for extra penises." I HAD A PLAN.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks Paul, and keep up the good work. Also, let's make a canoe.

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