What Sorcery Is This?: Lighting A Table On Fire Zippo Trick

November 3, 2017

Note: The gif doesn't really do it justice but I felt it was better than a couple screencaps so just watch the video.

This is a short video of some guy flipping a Zippo around, igniting his finger, then using it to set his table on fire. It almost looks like a disco party the way the blue flames dance around the table. This guy seems like he'd make a pretty cool friend. I mean, provided you don't mind catching fire every once in a while, which I don't. One time I even set myself on fire just to leave work early, and that was right now.

Keep going for the video while I set the fire sprinklers in the building off and everyone declares me a hero.

Thanks to Alan, who agrees there's no problem fire can't solve.

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