What A Time To Be Alive: The Grilled Cheese Toaster

November 15, 2017


This is the $25 Grilled Cheese Toaster from Nostalgia Electrics (previously: their bacon toaster and 3-in-1 breakfast station). You just insert buttered bread with cheese into the baskets, and a few minutes later, GRILLED CHEESE. It has a dial for adjusting your preferred amount of grilledness, and includes a removable tray at the bottom to catch the inevitable butter and melted cheese drippage. Me? I still make grilled cheese sandwiches the exact same way I did when I was a kid growing up in Alabama. "Which is?" Telling my mom that she makes the best ones.

Keep going for a couple more shots (including a completely unrealistic amount of mess in the drip tray) and a video.





Thanks to purplebat, who may not actually know if they're really purple due to poor eyesight. No word if you can echolocate colors.

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