View From Inside Tractor Trailer Of Thieves Breaking In At 80km/h (~50MPH) To Steal Goods

November 2, 2017


This is some tractor trailer security camera footage from Swedish shipping company PostNord of a group of robbers breaking into the back of truck while traveling down the highway at 80km/h (~50MPH) to take a peek at the goods inside and decide if they're worth stealing (previously: a night-vision video from a helicopter of Romanian thieves doing the same thing to nab a shipment of iPhones back in 2012). Would you jump to and from the hood of a car traveling at 50MPH to steal a crate of fidget spinners? Because I sure as hell wouldn't. I'd do it just for fun and to impress my friends.

Keep going for the video while I speculate what the robbers' next plan of action is if they do find a shipment of something they want. Toss it through the windshield of your getaway car?

Thanks to Joseph A, who agrees these guys need to go out and start asking for job applications before they wind up with tire tracks across their backs.

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