Video Of Auto Body Repairman Overhauling A Totaled BMW

November 16, 2017


This is a video of master auto body repairman Arthur Tussik completely overhauling a totaled 7-series BMW. Personally, I would have crushed it with a monster truck, but that's just me and I own a monster truck. "Drop me off at school?" I'll drop you off IN school.

Arthur Tussik is famous on YouTube for his ability to repair cars with major chassis damage that would otherwise be sent to the junkyard. Through a collection of hydraulic and hand tools, he disassembles each car and bends the frame back into place, often cutting pieces out and welding them back together. For this particular BMW, he goes as far as removing the roof, left-side door frames, and left-side quarter panels to make sure everything is lined up nicely.

As good as the finished product looks (and despite all his hard work), the car's structural integrity has still been compromised, and will likely crumple like a paper ball if its ever hit again, killing everyone inside, anybody who saw it happen, or even just heard about it on the evening news.

Keep going for the video while I speculate if they even bothered to reinstall all the airbags.

Thanks to Easy Jay, who agrees there's a time and a place for a car like this, and that's now, in a junkyard.

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