Two Canadians Capture SUV Driving Down Snowy Highway Riding On Front Wheel Rim

November 9, 2017


Note: Volume and language.

This is a short vertical video captured by two Canadians cruising down the highway when they spot an SUV riding with no front driver's side wheel, just an unmoving, sparking rim. It's something you'd more expect to see towards the end of a police chase. There's no way that's safe. There's also no way that driver, like my uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, isn't drunk. And why the hell do these kids pull up next to him? I get wanting to capture the last few moments of your life on video for the sake of posterity, but you want to be as far away from this DUI accident waiting to happen as possible. Even the moon isn't far enough away to be safe from this lunatic. This guy hits an icy patch and next thing you know, BOOM -- he's t-boning the lunar rover.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks Ptack, who's not convinced that's the best way to gain traction in the snow.

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