Tiffany & Co.'s $1,000 Tin Can (And Other 'Everyday Objects')

November 7, 2017


This is Tiffany & Co.'s 'Everyday Objects' collection Tin Can. It's not actually tin though, it's been reimagined in sterling silver and vermeil. It just looks like a soup can, and costs $1,000. There's also a $9,000 ball of braided silver yard, $1,500 LEGO-like "building blocks", a $250 sterling silver crazy straw ($350 in vermeil or rose vermeil), a $750 marker, a $950 paper plate reimagined in silver, and a set of two paper cups reimagined in bone china for $95. Compared to everything else, those sound like a bargain. Regardless, I just added all of them to my gift registry. "Are you getting married?" No. "Are you having a baby?" No. "Well, what are you having?" A really hard time with life right now and could use an expensive present to open.

Keep going for shots of the rest of the 'serves the same purpose as its inspiration but costs a million times more' collection.









Thanks to Philrules and Marty L, who agree it's finally nice to see a Tiffany collection for regular working folks.

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