The FlaskHoodie, A Hoodie With An 8-Ounce Flask In The Neck

November 6, 2017


This is the $40 Flask Hoodie from MercMonkey (previously: their FlaskTie and FlaskScarf). It's a zip-up hoodie (available in grey, blue and black) with a removable 8-ounce plastic bladder flask in the neck (NECK LICKER), and a tube and bite valve for drinking from. Obviously, they're perfect for sports games, or everyday alcoholic use. I just bought one of each color so I can wear them simultaneously for MULTIPLE BEVERAGE OPTIONS. Maybe I'll fill one with liquor and two with mixers. Or maybe I'll fill two with liquor and one with chocolate milk. Or -- OR -- maybe I'll fill all three with bleach and just call it a life.

Thanks to Shawn, who offered to send me more pictures of the hoodie, but not an actual hoodie. That stung a little.

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