The Buttress, A Latex Pillow In The Form Of A Butt

November 29, 2017


This is the Buttress, a natural latex pillow (with tights-like pillow cover) in the form of a butt. It's perfect for everyone, because everyone loves butts. I'm more of an inside-of-the-elbow guy myself, but I do like butts as well. In the company's own words:

How many people in this world like butts? Even children's movies like Minions or Sing feature butts and the kids love it. How many more people would benefit from having a beautiful life size butt nearby as they are laying down getting ready for sleep? To sleep on, to hold, to rest their hand on our even bury their faces in! We hope to share the simple, beautiful, stupid, funny and comforting representation of love to the world.

The product site says the pillow is ergonomically designed for all back sleepers, side sleepers AND face buriers (aka butt suffocaters). They also suggest spraying it with perfume and putting a pair of your lover's underwear on it to make things extra freaky deaky. I mean, you already bought a butt pillow, why not go all the way? People are so weird. "How many did you buy, GW?" Every single one.

Keep going for a couple product highlights and a video, but follow the product website for a crowdfunding campaign starting early next year.



Thanks to Jia, who believes everyone deserves a butt to sleep next to.

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