Semi Truck Unknowingly Pushes Car Down Highway

November 16, 2017


This is a news report about a semi truck driver (um, is he hauling gasoline?) that unknowingly pushed a car down Interstate 55 near St. Louis after the two both merged onto the road at the same time. How you don't know you're pushing a car sideways down the highway is beyond me, but I suspect it might be a superpower. The guy filming says the semi pushed the car for about a half mile, before it dislodged itself when the truck took an exit ramp. The trucker apparently left the scene (it's unclear if he ever even realized the car was there), and the driver who thought they were going to die for a half mile was not injured. Happy endings. Also, somebody call my family and tell them I've changed my mind about driving home for Thanksgiving.

Keep going for the news report, and please, drive safely this holiday season. This is not how you improve your gas mileage.

Thanks to hairless, who's only traveling by jetpack from now on.

  • Jeremy Hopkins

    St. Louis area traffic is awful. A semi hit me on I44 going into St. Louis. I was in the right lane, trucker in the mid lane. He came over into my lane with no warning, tapped my back bumper hard enough to send me spinning, and I ended up hitting a concrete wall. Totaled the car, and I was in rough shape. Hopefully someone in the story above got a plate number.

  • blsedbx3

    Yep another truck driver on drugs .. I used to drive and you would be floored by the truck drivers out there on some kind of drug to stay awake or to get high to pass the time . This guy though knew or was so stoned on something he didnt realize he was even driving . Thank God the people in the car survived and that that tanker didnt blow up possibly killing others .

  • sizzlepants

    Believe it or not that's entirely within the blind spot at the front of the vehicle. Unless the driver is standing they'd never see the car.

    Based on the description of it happening as they merged (so when they got on the highway) then the truck getting off the highway a half mile later (next exit) I'm assuming the driver thought they were having engine troubles (a blown gasket would cause smoke and a loss of power).

    If anything the lesson here is always make sure you provide ample space for large vehicles and don't try to essentially cut them off when merging onto the highway.

  • Mark

    I see this all the time. Cars don't give enough space to the truck drivers and cut in front of them.
    The guy in the car probably tried to speed up and cut in front of the truck instead of slowing down and "YIELDING" when getting onto the highway. Heaven forbid they have to wait an extra few seconds for the 18 wheeler to pass by.

  • Deksam

    Ummm, maybe get the plate number next time, makes for a much easier find for police.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Truck Drivers are usually hopped up on so many caffeine pills, (if not something a little stronger) I doubt he even noticed all the smoke.

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