Real Products That Exist: A 44-Piece Tool Set In Thor Hammer Storage Case

November 15, 2017


This is the $100 Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set designed and sold by ThinkGeek. It's a 44-piece Ukonic tool set that all fits inside a toolbox that looks like the business end of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. The handle of Mjolnir actually doubles as the handle of the regular hammer that comes with the set, so if you lose that you're screwed. Also, I've never heard of Ukonic brand tools before, but I've got the sneaking suspicion they're not the best. Of course, if you're buying a tool set because it looks like Thor's hammer, how much do you really care?

Keep going for several more shots.







Thanks to n0nentity, who can already see himself swinging the thing at a roommate during an argument.

  • The handle doesn't match any of the three hammers in the movies.

  • PlaysWithWolves

    To be honest, I'd rather have an R2-D2-shaped one that plays YouTube DIY-repair holograms.

  • NXSmiggy

    Looks like a cool idea, but i give it 3 months before those shitty tabs that hold it closed shear off.

    Also 100 freedom dollars for a (poorly) blow molded case, sockets fashioned from 70% dark chocolate and finest grade chinesium screwdriver bits?

  • NXSmiggy

    Update: Not saying the company that produces these dosen't give a crap, but their website still have "Lorum Ipsum" in 3 places on the homepage, and no links work.

  • James Mcelroy

    AVE says not skookum

  • NXSmiggy

    Certainly not Cockford-Ollie level craftsmanship. Thumb detector looks cook though

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