Paraglider Drops Paper Airplane at 2,000-Feet, Follows And Catches It

November 10, 2017


This is a video of powered paraglider Tucker Gott dropping a pink paper airplane at 2,000-feet, then tracking it and catching it. I was impressed he could even see it half the time, but that's just me and my vision sucks. The only thing my eyes are good for are being bigger than my stomach and pissing my parents off when the bill comes after dinner. "You ordered six cheeseburgers." I thought I could finish them. "And a lobster?" Surf and turf! Please don't leave me to wash dishes again. Regardless, this was hands-down the coolest thing I've ever seen somebody do in a paraglider besides crash into a tree and then crash into another tree.

Keep going for the video, but the successful release and catch starts at 4:00. He then does the same thing with a little balsa wood plane but catches it in his paraglider's lines instead of his hand.

Thanks to Adam A, who agrees he should keep doing the same thing with bigger and bigger planes until he's catching a paper 747.

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