OK Go's Latest Music Video, Starring 567 Choreographed Printers

November 27, 2017

SEIZURE WARNING: LOTS OF FLASHING COLORS. Also, best watched at the highest resolution your device can stream (I did 360p).

This is OK Go's latest over-the-top music video, for their song 'Obsession.' It features 567 printers printing out an every-changing backdrop to the musicians in some sort of technicolor stop-motion extravaganza. For the most part the printers did a great job, although several times it was clear somebody loaded the wrong color paper in a printer or it had trouble spitting out a page (especially noticeable around the part starting at 1:40). And don't worry, Captain Planet, they mention at the beginning of the video that by the time you watch it, all the paper will have been recycled and proceeds donated to Greenpeace. Wait -- you can get money for recycling paper? I thought that was just for cans and bottles. And where do you take this paper? I'm asking for a guy who knows how to crawl through the ceiling into the office supply closet.

Keep going for the video, which only gets crazier the longer you watch.

Thanks to Mallory and ludes, who still can't tell if these guys are more musicians or music video makers.

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