My Eyes Are Into This: Amazing 3-D Zoetrope Animations

November 13, 2017

These are two different zoetrope animations made for the 4-Mation modular 3-D Zoetrope Kit (coming soon to Kickstarter). Once you own the smartphone-controlled spinner and strobe system, the different animations can be produced via a 3-D printer. I'm gonna zoetrope so hard my eyes dry up like raisins!

It's powered by 24 3Watt RGB LED strobes, precision timed by a microcontroller linked to an encoder motor.

RPM(Strobe-rate), brightness, colour are all controlled from a phone app.

The Android app (4-Mation) is already in the play store, iPhone app is in progress.

Assemble the kit in about 1/2 hour then download and print one of our free animations - or design your own.

Animations can be swapped in a minute.

Pretty cool, right? I thought you might like that. I also thought you might like this. "What is it?" What's it look like, it's a mix-tape. I made it just for you. It's kind of like the story of our relationship told through songs. Mostly mushy love songs. "Seriously?" No, it's fifty minutes of screaming followed by the sound of a house fire.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to TJ and blue16, who agree of all the different kinds of tropes, zoetropes is probably the last alphabetically.

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