Microsoft's $5,000 Gold XBox Controller Christmas Ornaments

November 15, 2017


Because nothing makes sense anymore and there's no purpose in even trying, Microsoft has announced it will be giving away four $5,000 gold XBox controller Christmas ornaments via some contest, with details being released soon on Facebook. Obviously, I encourage you all to not enter the contest so I can win all four, then melt them and make my mom a bracelet. And you wouldn't want to take that away from her, would you? She's the nicest lady. "To put up with you, she must be a saint." She really is, she's the patron saint of patience. "I'm pretty sure that's Saint Monica." IT'S SAINT MY MOM. Don't make her have to bail me out of jail again.

Thanks to v, who agrees there is literally no purpose in winning a gold XBox controller Christmas ornament besides selling it for the gold. They should just give away nuggets.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Gold per gram goes for about $41 and that looks like it's straight out of a mold, barely polished. I believe this is close to a hundred grams worth of gold plus manufacturing cost.

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