Man Builds 55,600 Piece LEGO Recreation Of World Of Warcraft's Theramore Keep

November 14, 2017


Note: Larger images viewable HERE, HERE and HERE.

These are several shots of the 55,600-piece LEGO Theramore Keep built by World Of Warcraft fan Mark Erickson over the course of six months. Admittedly, that looks like a pretty sweet playset. LEGO should make it available. "They'll never do that." But they SHOULD. There are a lot of things I'll never do that I should, and I'm probably a lesser person because of it. "Are you talking about brushing your teeth?" No. "Making your bed?" Dammit, did my mom put you up to this?

Keep going for several more shots, including one of Mark playing with the set, as well as a screenshot of the castle from the game for reference.






Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees LEGO should make its own Dungeons & Dragons style role-playing game and make a killing. I mean, even more of a killing than they are now.

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