Impressive Star Wars Podracer R/C Tricopters

November 8, 2017

These are a couple videos of the Star Wars podracer R/C tricopers built and flown at recent R/C modeling events in Germany. The first video is of a single Anakin Skywalker pod racer (above) with the lights on, the second is of a bunch of them with the lights off. As far as custom copters go, I have to admit these are some pretty sweet ones. Could you imagine if these had been commercially available in 1999 when The Phantom Menace came out? So many more people my age would be wearing eyepatches now. Which, FUN FACT: sometimes I would wear an eyepatch when I was in high school (I was going through a pirate phase) but my mom made me stop because "It's gonna make your eye lazy" and "You really shouldn't drive like that." Thank God she never caught me driving with my peg leg and hook hand.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Patrick, who informed me he's building himself a shrink ray so he can fly one of these and complete his life.

  • UntamedCreationz XX

    How would you configure the 3 motors as a tricopter with the additional 2 motors in the ducted fans? I get how to build the tricopter or even quad, however from there what are your tips on the build from there?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Drone racing is as close to pod racing as anything can get. It's impressive just how fast the actual racing drones go and how quickly they can change direction.

  • i would love to put an FPV system into one of these and race them the same way, i already have a bunch of racing quads, i now have a need for pod racer

  • FearlessFarris

    Hot take: Phantom Menace was terrible.

  • TheQiwiMan
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