Finally, A Doctor Who TARDIS Cuckoo Clock

November 15, 2017


Hot on the heels of yesterday's bronze Yoda table lamp comes another gem from The Bradford Exchange -- this Doctor Who TARDIS cuckoo clock. The battery operated clock costs £198 (~$260), features the red Supreme Dalek who appears out of a door on the top of the hour while the Mars movement from Hoist's 'The Planet Suite' plays, as well as Cyberman, Missy, Ood, Sontaran and Zygon revolving around the base on the hour. You know, I was tempted to get one for my great aunt who collects cuckoo clocks, but she's never owned a television and probably doesn't know what Doctor Who or a TARDIS is, and would probably just re-gift my gift back to me next year like she always does. Which, FUN FACT: is how I came to own this 'WORLD'S GREATEST GREAT AUNT' sweater.

Keep going for a couple closeups.




Thanks again to athiestgirl, who may or may not do all of her holiday shopping at The Bradford Exchange.

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