Finally, A Bottle Opener That Can Open Six Beers At Once

November 22, 2017


What's better than an ice cold beer? Six of them. Or zero and a ginger ale instead if you have a problem. Enter the SIXOVERONE, a $22 bottle opener (currently an already-funded Indiegogo campaign) that can open an entire six pack of bottles at once. Think of all the seconds you'll save! Over the course of a lifetime possibly even minutes.

Keep going for a video demonstration of the six pack opening process.

Thanks to SG, who informed me you can also open six beers at once with a ninja sword and mad skills.

  • NXSmiggy

    This seems like one of those "Just because you could, doesn't mean you should" inventions.

  • Jenness

    Now do this with wine and we have my Christmas wish list item.

  • Dao

    I'd like to see a contraption that can open six packets of Tim Tams at a time.

  • Dalle

    Thats cute, how about this one that takes 24 at once.

  • Cliff Flock

    That is just awesome.

  • And how, exactly, does that help me get into a bottle of rum quicker?

  • PUNX

    eh when I go for a six pack its usually get 16oz cans. idk anyone that goes and buys bottles anymore.

  • Cliff Flock

    Really? I only drink beer from bottles. It is much better

  • Martin Sjøstrand

    Pffft... In Denmark er open 30 at a time!

  • NXSmiggy

    That is awesome

  • shashi

    love the randi skandis. Wanna hygge?

  • JRF

    That could save me hours every week

  • Meh

    Unless you're with six people, whats the point?

  • Geekologie

    five friends, that's a tall order

  • Meh

    I'm so transparent aren't i.

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