Commercial For Emirates' Boeing 777 First Class Suites

November 14, 2017


These are several promo shots and a commercial advertising Emirates' new Boeing 777 first class suites (each plane will contain six total). Each includes a fully enclosed 40-square foot room with floor to ceiling sliding doors, a wireless remote control (wow!), in-suite binoculars (for staring at the sun while at altitude), a zero gravity seat position that's supposed "to promote relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness", virtual windows for the suites in the center of the cabin, a 32-inch HD television, gourmet dining on-demand, touchscreen lighting and temperature control, and cost tens of thousands of dollars per flight. I mean, shouldn't you just be hiring a private jet at that point? Granted I have no idea how much these things cost because I've never flown in anything but a plane's baggage compartment, but I feel like it would be worth looking into. Besides, if they don't let you sleep two passengers to a suite so you can join the mile high club in private then it's a double ripoff. Just for the record though, I already joined the mile high club on the back of a Luck Dragon. "Falkor?" One of his more accommodating cousins.

Keep going for several more shots and the commercial.





Thanks to zootghost, who remembers the days when you used to be able to pay a couple bucks to tape yourself onto the wing of a plane. Super economy class.

  • JJtoob

    2/3 of the features didn't seem that impressive. I only thought the nice spacious chair, big screen tv, and gourmet dining were interesting.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    They didn't leave any space for me to bring in my own furniture... come on!

  • GeneralDisorder

    Definitely seems like chartering a jet is more efficient but I'm not rich enough to care about luxury so... I'm clearly not in the target demographic.

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