Boston Dynamics' Latest ATLAS Humanoid Robot Can Do Backflips

November 17, 2017

Because a new and improved SpotMini human-hunting quadruped robot wasn't enough for us to not be thankful for this holiday season, here's a just-released video from Boston Dynamics of the latest version of their ATLAS humanoid robot doing a little light parkour, then finishing with a backflip. Admittedly, impressive. Just the technology though, the only backflip I'd like to see that robot do is into the deep end of an empty swimming pool. "Or a volcano." Yes! "Or into a vat of acid." Yeah! "Or right onto your naked lap." Yes! Wait what?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Lana, MikeL, Cj, hairless and Closet Nerd, who all agree we can't have more than a year or two before the apocalypse.

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