Barb From Stranger Things Gets The LEGO Treatment

November 8, 2017


Seen here ruminating on her failure to shotgun a beer without stabbing herself, LEGO Barb from Stranger Things sits on Steve Harrington's diving board and unknowingly waits to be abducted into the Upside Down. Poor Barb. So -- how about that season two finale, huh? Don't say anything I haven't actually seen it yet I was just trying to act cool like I can actually binge watch something longer than twelve minutes without falling asleep and pooping myself in a nightmare. "Um, what?" We all have our demons.

Keep going for a shot from the show for reference. Oh, by the way, some actual info from builder Ochre Jelly: "My latest LEGO creation. The pool effect was created using rare transparent baseplace pieces, covered in transparent blue tiles, and lit from below using the flashlight from my smartphone!"


Thanks to carey, who agrees this is why you should always have adult supervision around the pool.

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