An Anti-Scamming Artificial Intelligence System To Automatically Jerk Scammers Around For As Long As Possible

November 9, 2017


Re:scam is an artificial intelligence system developed to toy with scammers automatically for as long as possible. You just forward a scam email to and the system will get started wasting a scammer's time. Details while I forward literally every single work email I've ever gotten:

Re:scam can take on multiple personas, imitating real human tendencies with humour and grammatical errors, and can engage with infinite scammers all at once, meaning it can continue any email conversation for as long as possible. Re:scam will now turn the tables on the scammers by wasting their time, and ultimately damage the profits for scammers...

The aim is to waste the time of scammers, without wasting a second of yours. When you forward an email, you believe to be a scam to a check is done to make sure it is a scam attempt, and then a proxy email address is used to engage the scammer. This will flood their inboxes with responses without any way for them to tell who is a chat-bot, and who is a real vulnerable target. Once you've forwarded an email nothing more is required on your part, but the more you send through, the more effective it will be.

Fun. I only wish you got a log of the conversation as it happens. I want to make sure my anti-scam bot is living up to my high standards of scammer-scamming, you know? I'm just saying, one time I scammed a scammer so hard he wired me his life savings AND I'm dating his mom now.

Keep going for a video about the service.

Thanks to mof and Erica J, who wish scamming scammers was a full-time job you could get paid to do, because that would be fun and rewarding.

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