A $1.7-Million RV With Its Own Car Carrier Underneath

November 6, 2017


These are several shots and a video of the Volkner Mobil Performance S, a $1.7-million motorhome with all the fixings except a Turkish bath. The 40-foot RV includes a private bedroom with double bed (that's a deal breaker for me -- queen minimum), "a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious lounge area and a heated bathroom." Plus it has a car carrier beneath it so you don't have to drive the RV everywhere once you get to where you're going. Sure you could probably just tow the car behind the motorhome, but what are you, some lowly peasant? Unfortunately, I don't think my monster truck is gonna fit in there. "You don't have a monster truck." Yes I do too. "What's its name?" GRAVEFOOT. "Like Grave Digger and Bigfoot combined?" That's correct, they boned at a monster truck rally in Tennessee and this is their offspring. "Interesting." I've raised it since it was the size of a Power Wheels.

Keep going for a bunch more shots and a video tour of the vehicle along with a demonstration of the car carrier in action.









Thanks to HVM, who agrees monster trucks are the best trucks.

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