You've Got To Be Kidding Me: A $1,000 Woven Leather Trashcan

October 31, 2017


Because your trash demands the absolute best, this is the Intrecciato Nappa Waste Paper Basket crafted and sold by Bottega Veneta. It comes in black and brown, costs a thousand bucks, and holds your trash until your maid/manservant comes to empty it. It's perfect for the person who has absolutely everything else in the world and still has money left over. Although, if you are that person and really are considering a $1,000 trashcan, I want you to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, then hand all your money over to the man standing behind you with a samurai sword, which, God willing, should be me provided I didn't mix up your address. Also, if you really do have this much money to spend on a trashcan, you also have the money to just pay someone to pick up your trash wherever you throw it.

Keep going for a shot of the brown one, which, admittedly, I do like better, although I'm still holding out for a grey one to match the stone floor in my castle.


Thanks to v, who agrees you can't take $1,000 leather trashcans to heaven with you when you die. Hell, yes, but the devil will crap in it and flog you with his tail.

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