Wow: Woman Spends A Minute And A Half Trying To Park In A Spot She Just Needed To Pull Into

October 16, 2017


This is some security camera footage of a woman in a subcompact car trying to park it on the side of the street and failing time and time again. All she needed to do was just pull in, it's not even a proper parallel parking situation. Eventually the car in front of the car she's trying to park behind leaves, and she decides maybe that spot will be easier and goes for it instead. Or, who knows, maybe she's just playing a really serious game of the curb is lava.

Keep going for the video while I try to pretend I didn't fail my driving test three times and have to wait six months to take it again and only passed that time with one point above failing. Also if somebody could speed this video up and add the Benny Hill music that would be great.

Thanks to MB, who drifts into every parking spot like you're supposed to.

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