What The Hell Was That?: Guy Tries To Ride His Dead Car Down Hill In Neutral, Fails

October 5, 2017

Note: Some ultra-colorful language when things go south.

This is a video of some guy trying to ride outside his Honda CRX down a hill after it allegedly died. SPOILER LIKE YOU COULDN'T TELL FROM THE SCREENCAP: It crashes and he loses all his Busch Light. Is it real? Is it fake? I have no clue, and I even tried zooming and enhancing the video like in one of those crime-solving dramas. I want it to be real, because I really want to believe there's somebody out there actually crazy enough to try this, but Florida doesn't have hills like that.

Keep going for the whole video and tell me what the hell is going on.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees he should have surfed on top of the car.

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