What A Time To Be Dead: Video Of The International Grave-Digging Competition

October 27, 2017


This is a five minute documentary highlighting the International Grave-Digging Competition that takes place every year in Trenčín, Slovakia. In the competition, ten teams compete in three different categories: 1) the fastest to dig a standard size grave using only shovels and pickaxes, 2) the fastest to fill that grave, and 3) its final above-ground design (a basic wood cross seems the most popular here). The best quote from the whole video, from fourth generation funeral home operator Kristian Stríź: "My mother always said that if she died she doesn't want to be burned -- but buried. And I always just pranking her that, no, I'm going to burn you down, and like splash your ashes in the toilet! We're kinda a weird family, but we're cool." Admittedly, that's some solid pranking, Kristian. So, who else here thought this was going to be a contest to see who could dig up a body and steal its jewelry the fastest? I know I can't be the only one. Also, if that sounds like something you might be good at, call me -- I might have a job for you.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to TNT, who is also a great way to dig a grave. Plus way funner to watch, especially if you accidentally blow up a neighboring grave and send a corpse flying.

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